Friday, July 31, 2009

2 U.S. Congressmen travel to Honduras seeking resolution

Two U.S. Congressmen traveled to Honduras over the weekend to figure out what the next step will be in U.S./Honduran relations. Congressmen Brian Bilbray-R Calif. and Connie Mack-R Fla. traveled to the small Central American country and found shock and dismay by Hondurans that their strongest ally, the United States, hadn’t sided with them.

In a recent interview, Bilbray explained that most Hondurans in the country want ousted President Manuel Zelaya to return, but not to resume power- to stand trial.

“Zelaya has five constitutional violations to his name and he was kicked out of the country by his party and the Supreme Court,” Bilbray said. “Maybe they could have handled it better, but the letter of the law is with Hondurans on this.”

Earlier this month the U.S. Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, said Zelaya is “reckless” for trying to sneak back into the country from Nicaragua.

During the brief visit, the Congressmen met with country leaders and the current interim President Roberto Micheletti about the situation. After constructive meetings Bilbray and Mack were able to hammer out a concession with the transition government.

The congressmen were able to create an outline for the negotiations that will help Honduras move forward. Among the concessions, the current interim president will step down, the government will appoint a new interim president and Mr. Zelaya will be allowed to return to the country and face trial.

“If he is cleared of all charges, he can be reinstated as President to serve out the remainder of his term which ends January 27, 2010,” Bilbray explained. However he contends an acquittal is highly unlikely.

“This offer seems fair for a country with rich ties to the United States,” Bilbray said. “I feel the Obama Administration really jumped the gun on this crisis and this is their chance to get it right.”

The U.S. delegation met with various groups and saw calm in the streets. The delegation also met with candidates that will be running for President in November. “There were calm streets and tempered minds,” Bilbray described.

However as the situation continues as a stalemate, the Honduran people have begun to stockpile food “just in case.”

There has been no word from the White House on how they will move forward on this issue and they could not be reached for immediate comment.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

San Diego Sheriff's race gets a Joe Arpaio endorsement

San Diego- As the San Diego Sheriff’s race heats up, local contender, Jay LaSuer gets an official endorsement from Arizona’s Top Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

LaSuer announced his endorsement on local radio station 1170 KCBQ with Rick Amato. Arpaio’s endorsement comes as the race for the Sheriff’s office is just getting underway.

“Joe is the foremost Sheriff in the country and the person I admire most in law enforcement. His support is very humbling to me,” LaSuer said.

The premier Sheriff in America said he would be willing to help LaSuer with fund raising efforts as well as advertisements, says LaSuer. “He is a living legend and well respected.”

Many think this endorsement might just push LaSuer over the finish line first as Arpaio is well respected. Despite negative press from left wing organizations, Sheriff Joe continues to win reelections in landslide manners.

The bottom line for LaSuer is straight talk. “I want to make San Diego County the safest county in the country.”

Friendship Park on the border to remain closed despite pro-Amnesty groups San Diego- Pro-amnesty gr

San Diego- Pro-amnesty groups, and politicians recently sent a letter to DHS, Janet Napolitano’s office requesting the border Friendship Park be reopened- Border Patrol supervision would be required.

However, the recent murder of a U.S. Border Patrol agent and American advocacy groups firmly stand behind the Border Czar, Alan Bersin who says he is against the idea of restoring access.

Leading the charge to get Friendship Park reopened is Enrique Morones, founder of Border Angels and Friends of Friendship Park. “Having personally met with DHS in D.C. and locally the question is not weather it will reopen, but when it will reopen,” Morones stated. “I personally would like to have it reopen by our annual Posadas Sin Fronteras in December.”

Morones has Democratic Congresswomen Susan Davis and Congressman Bob Filner on his side. In the letter to DHS Secretary Napolitano, the group asked for “restoration of routine public access to Friendship Park, the historic location overlooking the Pacific Ocean…along the U.S./Mexico border.”

Fat chance says Republican Congressmen Brian Bilbray and Duncan Hunter. Bilbray who grew up near the border says this park is just a ruse. “This park was supposed to be a dual effort, we (U.S.) built the park and Mexico built a Bullring, that’s how important it was to Mexico,” Bilbray explained.

The Congressman goes on to explain the second Morones and his group got the Coastal Commission involved was the beginning of the demise for the park; as the Coastal Commission group determined where the fence would be built.

Congressman Hunter’s office says Border Patrol representatives told Department of Homeland Security the fence is completed and there was no intention to abandon the finished fence.

Also, another wrench in this Friendship Park reopening will be the recent murder of Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas. His death by illegal smugglers has renewed lawmakers attention to ensure that the U.S./Mexico borders are secure.

“Border Field State Park is finally secure with a triple fence after decades of smuggling illegal aliens, drugs and contraband between, over and through the old fence,” says Jeff Schwilk of the San Diego Minutemen. “This area must remain secure and closed to all civilian access as part of America’s overall effort to gain operational control over our dangerous border with Mexico, especially between San Diego and Tijuana.”

However, California Attorney General John Fanestil is endorsing the reopening process. “Just as with any public park, people should be able to look out their window at the beginning of the day, see the sun shining and say this would be a nice day to go to the park.”

What a nice sentiment, however, Oceanside resident Mike Schmid, says, “If it’s such a nice day why don’t you drive across the border to meet at a park to visit with family and friends,” he said. “They don’t do it because they are here illegally and couldn’t get back into the U.S.”

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Border Patrol Agent Rosas honored at vigil

Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas, who was murder while on duty last Thursday, was honored by a group of Patriots outside the El Cajon Border Patrol substation. The group brought flowers, cards and well wishes for the family of the slain agent.

“I’m here to honor Agent Rosas,” says Claire Van Aelstyn. “It breaks my heart that he was ambushed like that. He has two small children that will never know their dad.”

Many came out in support of the fallen hero today, because the funeral being held on Friday in El Centro will be for family and friends only. This vigil was their way of showing support.

Congress is also showing its gratitude by filing a resolution honoring fallen Border Agent Rosas. “This resolution is intended to honor Agent Rosas for his service and sacrifice, as well as all those dedicated to preserving and protecting our borders,” Congressman Duncan Hunter-R CA said.

The resolution is also signed by Congressmen/women Brian Bilbray-R, Darrell Issa-R, Bob Filner-D, Mark Souder-R, Susan Davis-D and Lamar Smith-R.

This however is of little consequence to some Rosas family members. One member states; “it is terrible that he was killed in a brutal way because the money, staffing and proper fencing was not available for the protection of the borders”.

Some border agents agree. Speaking out under the radar one agent said the border fence works. However, the dynamics at the border are constantly changing. Illegal crossers move to different locations when gaps close or they use other methods when they can’t climb or dig their way through.

That is why Border Patrol agents continue to move with the fluid border situation as is occurs.

Currently, there are as many as six suspects being held in Mexico in connection with the murder case. The FBI has taken the lead and has been working with the Mexican government, but is skeptical about the main suspect being the killer.

“This case is not solved, we need support from the public,” Darrell Foxworth, spokesperson from the FBI said. “If someone is sitting out there and they have any information, give us a call.”

Back at the vigil Sheriff candidate Bruce Ruff said, “I am sadden by this murder, but unfortunately this is just a symptom of a bigger problem. These murderers are emboldened each time we do not respond swiftly.”

The bottom line says Ruff, “It’s about law and order.”

Local WS Radio talk show host, Jimmy Valentine agrees something needs to be done. “We lost a Marine here, Rosas wears a different uniform, but he should be treated the same. They fight on the frontlines just like they are in Iraq.”

He continues to add that the U.S./Mexico border should be thought of as more important because it is much closer to home and there’s much more at stake.

And this is where it ends, Gabriel Pollock, a Minuteman said, “It’s all about him (Rosas).”

Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas is survived by his wife Rosie, and two children. Funeral services will be held in El Centro on Friday at 9:00 a.m.

For those who wish to help the surviving family members out. A memorial account has been established through Cabrillo Credit Union; Account Number; 186716-02.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

E-Verify, verified by Department of Homeland Security

Washington D.C. –The federal government finally moved forward on E-Verify and will require all federal contract employers use the verification process to prove U.S. residency and ensure tax dollars are going to legal residents.

“E-Verify is a smart, simple and effective tool that reflects our continued commitment to working with employers to maintain a legal workforce,” said Janet Napolitano Secretary of Department of Homeland Security.

“Requiring those who seek federal contracts to use this system will create a more reliable and legal workforce,” she said.

A leading advocate for E-Verify is Congressman Brian Bilbray-R CA; “This is a perfect common sense law that ensures our tax dollars go to Americans or others authorized to work here. It’s important that we use our tax dollars as wisely as possible.”

According to Bilbray the process is simple to use and the right people are getting through.

The E-Verify process simply compares information from the Employment Eligibility Verification form (I-9) against the feral government’s data base. The Social Security office works jointly with DHS by offering a free website.

Although E-Verify provides a positive confirmation in 96.9 percent of the cases and the Senate approved amendments to require all federal contractors to use the system, there are some critics, most notably, Chuck Schumer-D NY.

He calls the E-Verify system “half-hearted and flawed.”

The proof is in the numbers according to the Center for Immigration Studies, an independent research institute that examines the impact of immigration on the U.S.

“When this program began in 2007 it was used to screen 1 in 19 new hires nationwide,” says Janice Kephart, Director of National Security Policy for CIS. The current numbers for July of this year show an astounding new number.

“The new figures represent a 274 percent increase, or 1 in 4 new hires are vetted by E-Verify,” Kephart says. “The number of queries so far in 2009 is about 6 million, nearly what they were for all of 2008.”

If the current trend holds Kephart believes E-Verify will identify 12.3 million employees this year. DHS states that there are approximately 511,228 worksites using E-Verify program through July, up from 400,000 in January.

CIS Institute says “E-Verify enables cheap, efficient and accurate compliance with the federal ban on hiring illegal aliens.”
On another front the state of California remains bogged down by illegal immigration issues. Some in Sacramento believe E-Verify isn’t accurate enough and have put forward legislation AB 1288 in February of this year.

The legislation would prohibit the state, or a city, county, or special district from requiring the employer other than the government entities to use an electronic employment verification system.

Many businesses use E-Verify to screen potential employees. For example, construction, farming, warehouse and other large companies who employ many unskilled workers.

Congressman Bilbray finds this odd. “No wonder they (Sacramento) wants to tax marijuana, they seem to be smoking it.”

Kephart concurs, “That’s giving employers a permission slip to break the law, and it’s inexcusable.”

The bill is currently waiting for a final vote on the Senate floor in Sacramento. “If this goes along party lines, it (the bill) will pass it along party lines by Democrats,” says Mike Zimmerman a spokesperson for Martin Garrick-R-Assemblyman. “It’s anyone’s guess if Governor Schwarzenegger will veto this bill or not.”

In the end, California suffers a higher-than- national average unemployment rate and according to Kephart “it’s ridiculous for California to NOT use E-Verify.”

“Let’s all remember the federal law is very clear, you must be here legally to be employed,” CIS finishes.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Open Carry Gun event in Carlsbad

Carlsbad- A group of North County residents set out with their unloaded guns Saturday morning, to educate the public about their 2nd Amendment rights. Most Californians’ don’t realize it is legal to carry an unloaded gun in public.

Ammunition can also be carried, but it must be in a position from which it cannot be readily fired. Most open carriers just carry a loaded magazine in a separate pouch on their belts.

The group of North County Patriots walked the Village Faire area of Carlsbad handing out informational flyers. “We made lots of new friends and no one called the police or freaked out,” says Jeff Schwilk who helped organize this “open carry” and also heads the San Diego Minutemen group which lobbies for secure borders and Constitutional rights.

The groups also notified local police as to their presence and were greeted by local businesses who welcomed the patronage as well as the educational aspect of the 2nd Amendment right to own and bear arms. This North County group is an offshoot of the San Diego Open Carry Group which was recently featured in the San Diego Reader.

With continued support on this issue, the group plans to hold open carry events in North County in order to get the word out and promote safe and responsible gun ownership.

Some cities such as Oceanside have apparent illegal city ordinances prohibiting open carry. Oceanside’s ordinance violates citizens’ 2nd Amendment right to carry a firearm in self-defense and is being challenged in the courts.

Citizens are also prohibited from open carrying within 1,000 feet of a K-12 school.

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Suspect nabbed in Border Patrol agent’s murder, community on edge

Campo- Area residents and Border Patrol remain on edge after the murder of an on duty agent. Mexican authorities have released few details about the male suspect taken into custody after he sought medical treatment for injuries near the area where Agent Robert Rosas was found executed.

Head of federal police, Commissioner Elias Alvarez Hernandez, reported at a press conference that Tecate police witnessed a man identified as Ernesto Parra Valenzuela, 36, entering a hospital seeking treatment from undisclosed injuries. The Mexican government working closely with FBI and Border Patrol has arrested approximately 25 Mexican nationals in connection with the killing of Rosas.

The shooter was identified by another man, Jose Eugenio Quintero, who along with three other human smuggling (coyotes) were also detained. All are wanted by U.S. authorities for questioning in two additional murders and rape.

According to the FBI, crime scene evidence pointed to additional blood left behind at the murder location was from someone other than Agent Rosas.

The outlying community of Campo is now on edge since the murder took place. One resident, Sharon Courmousis said, “We usually feel safe, even though we are only three miles from the border. Border Patrol and Border Patrol Auxiliary are out in force protecting the community, however this took something away,” she said. “It’s sad, really.”

Most residents in San Diego County don’t realize that Border Patrol agents often work alone. Since the murder they are now traveling in pairs, with separate trucks. This seems logical; however what it does do is leave more border fence unprotected.

With heightened violence in the region and many gaps in the fence many locals and community leaders are questioning the politics and why the fence is far from complete. It is these poorly-fenced areas that Border Patrol focuses their time and resources on.

Border Patrol agents on duty admitted they were concerned this recent murder could prompt further violence along the Southern border. They also contend that as the border tightens up, it is getting tougher for the human and drug smugglers to get their product into the U.S.

A local bartender in the area also stated that the recession is playing a big part in the increased border violence.

While it’s always tragic to lose life, this incident will increase the spotlight on the problems the U.S. face on our Southern borders.

A spokesperson from Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter’s office, Joe Kasper said, “The Congressman’s thoughts and condolences are with the Rosas family and the thousands of Border Patrol agents who risk their safety on a daily basis.”

“Secretary Napolitano has rightly responded by directing the Department to fully assist in the investigation to ensure whoever is responsible for this vicious crime is brought to justice,” he concluded.

Governor Schwarzenegger’s office had no comment regarding the death of a Border Patrol agent. However, they did release a press statement regarding a Caltrans employee death. This non-statement prompted many residents to question how serious Sacramento is taking the escalating border issues.

However, Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman did make a statement regarding the murder of Agent Rosas. “I was deeply saddened to hear of the death of this U.S. law enforcement official. I believe this attack on our Border Patrol is a tragic reminder that we must remain vigilant in making our border safer and more secure.”

Locally, San Diego Sheriff Gore assisted in the early stages of the crime scene but referred the matter to the FBI. Sheriff Gore commented; “There are no jurisdictional boundaries when a peace officer is killed. We will assist in any way necessary and provide all resources to help bring those responsible to justice.”

This isn’t good enough say Bruce Ruff who is running for the San Diego Sheriff Office in the upcoming election.

“These evil events serve as a constant reminder to the people who serve us all are real people – American husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters,” he said. “Our elected and appointed leaders have consistently failed to send the necessary clear and strong message to the evil doers – we will prevail.”

Despite the federal law passed in 2006 regarding the border fence, many areas of the U.S./Mexico border remain unfenced and magnets for illegal human and drug trafficking. Until the U.S. provides the Border Patrol and the American public with a continuous fence, agents will continue to face life-threatening days on duty.

Agent Rosas leaves behind a wife and two children under the age of three. Border Patrol agents insist his death will not be in vain and they will catch the murderer.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

California Border Patrol Agent shot dead in San Diego

San Diego – Increasing U.S./Mexico border violence leads to the death of a California Border Patrol agent late Thursday night. Robert Rosas was gunned down while he was protecting the region’s border.

“This act of violence will not stand, nor will any act of violence against Border Patrol,” Secretary of DHS Janet Napolitano said. “I have directed that full resources of the Department assist in the investigation to find and bring to justice those responsible for this inexcusable crime.”

She goes on to remind everyone that these brave agents put their lives on the line everyday they report to duty.

Sources on the scene say the agent was shot fatally while working near the border in the Campo region. This was no different than any other routine round up of illegal border crossers.

Once, Border Patrol spots the group they begin detention. However, this time the group scattered and agents split up to trail the presumed illegal group, according to Agent Daryl Reed. Moments later something went horribly wrong.

San Diego police reported the agent was shot several times in the head. Cal Fire Battalion Chief Nick Schuler said, despite fire engines, ambulance and medical helicopter assistance the agent suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The agent was monitoring the Shockey Truck Trail area near Campo when the shots rang out. The area of Campo is the scene of spotty border fence coverage.

Currently there is a massive search underway, however law enforcement has yet to find anyone in connection with this crime, Reed says.

According to U.S. Officials the Mexican authorities have been notified and are searching their side of the border. Reed points out that details are sketchy and they do not know if drugs were involved.

“This incident demonstrates the serious danger connected to the Southwest border and tremendous responsibility undertaken by the brave men and women of the U. S. Border Patrol,” a spokesman from Duncan Hunter’s office said. “The Congressman’s thoughts and condolences are with the Rosas family.”

Echoing those sentiments is Carl Braun of the Boarder Patrol Auxiliary; “All of us in the Border Patrol Auxiliary and other citizen watch groups mourn the death of Patrol Agent Rosas. Everyone knows it is a dangerous job.”

He continues to say, “As vigilance along the border increases, so will the smugglers desperation. This tragically underscores, once again, the need for a secure border and will certainly escalate the intensity of the law enforcement in this, the most dangerous neighborhood in America.”

The California Border Patrol has scheduled a press conference for later this afternoon.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Congressmen respond to unfinished border fence

San Diego- In an effort to erect the remainder of the southern border fence, Congressman Duncan Hunter-R Calif. has introduced new bipartisan border fence legislation that would give Department of Homeland Security’s, Janet Napolitano, additional ammo to keep in her back pocket to finish the fence.

The new legislation was co-sponsored by Congressmen, Bilbray-R Calif., Royce-R Calif., Ryan-D OH and McIntyre-D NC and “provides the Secretary of Homeland Security with complete discretionary authority to build as much as 350 miles of additional reinforced fencing along the U.S./Mexico border.”

A similar bill passed in the Senate this month. The DeMint amendment 1399 (original amendment 1373) passed with a vote of 54-44. This legislation requires the completion of at least 700 miles of reinforcement fence along the southwest border by December of 2010.

The bipartisan group of congressmen believes it’s important that DHS continue to receive the tools necessary to do its job effectively.

“The threat of violence, illegal drug smuggling and terrorist activity along the U.S./Mexico border continues to escalate,” Congressman Hunter said. “As the last few remaining miles of border infrastructure are completed and we work to strengthen our overall security presence on the Southwest border, it is important that DHS continue to receive and retain the necessary tools to do its job.”

Leading to the question most Border States contend with, why does the fence remain incomplete a full two years since the 2006 mandate under the Bush Administration?

If the Obama Administration is looking for a shovel ready project that would create jobs, this is it. Joe Kasper a spokesman for Hunter concurs, “This would be a great shovel ready project that would also create jobs and protect our country in the long run.”

In May, Congressmen Hunter and Bilbray sent Secretary Napolitano a letter pointing out that the success of the reinforced fence in hotbed “Smugglers Gulch” in San Diego, can be duplicated in the yet to be fenced area known as Goat Canyon and Bunker Hill.

They note that the government superseded in the Smuggler’s Gulch to get the fence completed and wish to see the aforementioned fence project be finished in a timely manner.

Responding to the San Diego Congressmen, Secretary Napolitano office said this; “To date, no viable engineering solution has been established that effectively impedes illegal activity and also adequately preserves the historic value of the World War II era bunkers and the surrounding rugged terrain at Smuggler’s Gulch.”

Until a plan is figured out the California Border Patrol will continue to use personnel and lighting to deter dangerous drug smugglers from entering the United States.

However, that’s not good enough for many Californian’s who continue to feel the brunt of the illegal smuggler’s constant barrage of drug smugglers and poor to feed from the free services trough, according to border watch groups.

If the Chinese can build the Great Wall of China some 2,000 years ago, certainly the U.S. government with its vast knowledge and new technology can build a fence to slow the mass traffic of people seeking refuge in this country.


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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mason Weaver explores the idea of running for US Congress in the 53rd District

San Diego- Mason Weaver, a radio broadcaster, newspaper columnist and public speaker has announced his intent to form an exploratory committee for a run at the US Congress in the 53rd District.

Weaver has been a part of the San Diego community for the last 40 years. After constant urging from community leaders, he has decided to explore the idea of running for Congress against Democrat Susan Davis.

“Someone has to tell them (Washington D.C. politicians) to reverse the bailouts, reduce taxes, drill here drill now, reward job creators, marriage isn’t broken- don’t try to fix it and parents, families, government in that order,” Weaver explains his campaign issues.

As a conservative, Weaver intends to change the way Washington D.C. politicians do business. “I’ll stand for dignity, honor and hope,” he says.

Weaver goes on to say that civil rights "was not about white folks liking black folks, it was about justice and law enforcement.”

As a potential candidate for the 53rd Congress District, Weaver will work for all San Diegans not the special interests or unions.

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Hitting the target with San Diego Sheriff Candidate Jay LaSuer

San Diego- What part of illegal don’t you understand? This is a question Sheriff Candidate for San Diego Jay LaSuer puts to all lawmakers and law enforcement personnel.

“We are a sanctuary city,” LaSuer says. “I’ll advocate getting the National Guard on the borders. I know they can’t make arrests, but their presence will have meaning.”

To his supporters LaSuer is simply known as Sheriff Jay. And yes, it’s not a coincidence that he uses that term. Maricopa County’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio is often referred to as Sheriff Joe and LaSuer himself has met the infamous Arizona Sheriff.

Like Sheriff Joe, LaSuer believes in enforcing the law and punishing criminals. He recalls a story from his days in the California State Legislature regarding illegals crossing the southern border.

“Not enforcing illegal immigration or ‘undocumented workers’ is like calling a bank robber receiving an undocumented loan.”

If the voter is expecting the status quo in San Diego, LaSuer is not their guy. However, anyone who is looking to fulfill the estimated 100,000 outstanding warrants currently waiting in San Diego to be filled, LaSuer is definitely their guy.

Following in Sheriff Arpaio steps, LaSuer plans to set up tent prisons. “If tents are good enough for our brave men and women serving our country in Afghanistan and Iraq, tent prison overflows can be erected to house our criminals,” LaSuer explains.

As long as the tent encampments follow the health and safety standards, LaSuer intends to use a similar method of imprisonment in San Diego that works for Arizona.

Like Sheriff Joe, LaSuer intends to get the bad guys by following the letter of the law. Not only does he have the past credentials to fulfill the job of Sheriff, he finds that it is his duty.

“Like many people I am tired of what’s happening everyday and I’m tired of watching elected officials look the other way,” LaSuer explains from the home of Mason Weaver.

“It means a lot for someone to open their home to me and I thank Mason,” LaSuer said.

Even though it is early in the 2010 election cycle, Weaver is throwing his support for LaSuer because his says we need good leaders. “It’s time we stand up for the law. It’s time we support a guy who is more afraid of God than the unions. Jay knows the law and Jay knows what illegal means.”

In response LaSuer says that “you can’t enforce the law if you lose your moral compass.” Something he says he will never lose.

LaSuer believes that the most important aspect of a person’s quality of life is the knowledge that they and their family are safe from criminals.

“Citizens must also know if they are the victim of a crime, law enforcement will not rest until the criminal is relentlessly pursued, arrested and jailed,” LaSuer insists.

LaSuer, a former Undersheriff in San Diego, has been a California Peace Officer for more than 31 years. He also served his country in the Army’s 101st Airborne Division.

After his Honorable Discharge from the US Army LaSuer found his way into police work where he stayed for six years until he decided to return to San Diego State University and received his Bachelor’s in Public Administration.

LaSuer then joined the San Diego Sheriff’s Department and continued to serve 25 years, moving up the ranks and finally becoming the Undersheriff. During this tenure he attended and graduated from the FBI National Academy.

In 1990, LaSuer successfully ran for the La Mesa City Council where he served for 10 years until is election into the California State Assembly in 2000. While serving in the 77 Assembly District, he received many awards including, Legislator of the Year.

Standing on principle, LaSuer insists he will serve the office with integrity and legality to ensure a safer more law abiding community for all taxpayers.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

White House health care bill set to insure illegals

Washington D.C. – The Democrats moved on Friday to allow an estimated 12 million illegal aliens into the proposed health care legislation. A Republican-backed amendment that would have prevented illegals from receiving free health care by checking citizenship status was defeated by Democrats in a mostly party-line vote of 23 to 18.

The plan known as the Heller amendment was written by Rep. Dean Heller, R-NV, and wanted to include clauses that mandated checks similar to E-Verify in order to qualify for government subsidized health insurance.

The Heller amendment said, “It would better screen applicants for subsidized health care to ensure they are actually citizens or otherwise entitled to it.”

The two identification processes the Heller amendment would use are programs the federal government already employ; The Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS) and the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE).

This news comes after Rasmussen reports poll states 80 percent of Americans oppose covering illegals in the health care bill.

Another amendment proposed by Heller included those members of Congress to enroll in the government-run health care program. This amendment was also defeated 21-18.

Both ideas were nixed by the Democrats, leaving health care for those in this country illegally in the massive $1.5 trillion health care package.

By leaving those illegally in the country in the health care package leads many experts to believe this is only the beginning for a back-door Amnesty.

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The Border Patrol Auxiliary provides voluntary assistance to DHS

San Diego- Stepping up the battle at the U.S./Mexico border gets much needed help from the Border Patrol Auxiliary group who for years has provided voluntary assistance to US Customs and Border Enforcement.

The group works indirectly with Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Border Patrol.

“We started this organization four years ago to help train and educate private citizens as well as neighborhood watch groups using DHS approved training resources,” says Carl Braun Border Patrol Auxiliary founder.

The group watches the southern borders that California shares with Mexico as well as monitoring the Maritime waters off the California coastline. Along with the Border Patrols increased agents and K-9s on the ground progress is being made.

“The more agents along the border the more likely we will detect, identify, classify, respond to and ultimately resolve all threats within our operations,” says Ralph DeSio spokesperson for the US Border Patrol.

Although the Auxiliary is not an official arm of DHS, they are a part of a handful of private sector organizations dedicated to helping secure our nation’s borders, according to Braun.

Braun also contends his organization help wake-up the American public to the real issues at the border and encouraged the doubling of the agents currently working for Border Patrol.

“We are self-funding and concerned Americans,” Braun states. “We do this because without ordinary people like us, amnesty would be a reality and our country would be overrun already.”

The group estimates they are responsible for thousands of detected illegal aliens crossing into the United States. These illegal crossers were then processed by Border Patrol and sent back to their home countries.

The Border Patrol Auxiliary provides training to prospective citizens. “We provide DHS certified “Citizen Watch Group” training and “train the trainer’ courses for all citizens watch groups,” Braun explains. “This training helps the citizen better understand the mission of DHS, BP and ICE and how citizens play a role in securing the homeland.”

Once the group is trained they are put to work on the border. They monitor activities and report back to Border Patrol, but conduct no arrests on their own. Their record is spotless with hundreds of thousands of hours in the field with no injuries and no incidents.

A third front used in the battle against illegal immigration is the border patrol checkpoints. According to the Border Patrol, “the checkpoints are a critical tool in a multi-faceted national border protection strategy that when combined create a strong deterrence to illegal entry at the international border.”

Although you may only see a few agents at the checkpoints, there are many assigned to a perimeter area to contain those trying to bypass the checkpoint.

A typical day for the Border Patrol unit has 1,275 canine enforcement teams out in the field as well as 18,276 vehicles and 275 aircraft hovering above the skies. These numbers are according to the Department of Homeland Security. The numbers include protecting all the U.S. borders not just the southern border.

On any given day the Border Patrol says they make 2,796 apprehensions and arrests 73 illegal criminals and one terrorist related/national security.

The Border Auxiliary group feels they are an integral part of keeping American’s safe at night. “Citizen Watch Groups have been an integral part of securing our communities since the days of Paul Revere,” Braun said. “Our neighborhood is the most dangerous in America.”

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Monday, July 20, 2009

U.S./Mexico border fence falls well short of completion

San Diego – The U.S./Mexico border fence which has been under construction since 2006 falls well short of expectations. The government was supposed to build an 18-foot tall fence across the southern border; however on a recent trip to the border this writer found the fence-building process incomplete.

A short 45 minute drive east of San Diego is Campo, California. This is considered the front line for U.S. Border Patrol and the Border Patrol Auxiliary. The area is a virtual hotbed for illegal entry into the United States.

On any given night Mexican hopefuls and drug runners take their chances in this rugged terrain, heat and face numerous border patrol agents to sneak into the country.

Popular areas that they pass through include the ‘shooting range,’ Shangri-La,’ and the round hill known as ‘Boundary Peak.’

Once across the border, the illegal crossers have committed a crime. At this point it’s an all out hunt for the many in search of a better life. Mike Schmid, or Smitty, of the Border Auxiliary says, “The big green a white trucks aren’t real stealthy. With all their lights and loud vehicles many of the illegals simply spread out making it difficult to catch them all.”

This is where Smitty’s group comes into play. They are able to move quietly, and hide more easily in order to catch the ones who ‘think they got away.’

The group uses special infra-red cameras and night scopes to track the illegals crossing the border.

“Most people think we are only after the Mexican nationals, but the truth is there are many terrorists that are able to cross our porous borders,” Smitty claims.

This makes it even more imperative that the border fence is completed. “Not only do we have to worry about drug dealers, illegals, but it is the terrorists that are crossing into this country,” Smitty says.

“They know how easy it is to walk across the border,” he continued. “Plus they have a similar brown skin and can be easily misidentified as Mexican.”

It is this reason many border patrol agents and auxiliary members work the grueling late night hours, often getting no sleep, just to stop illegal entry into the U.S. They don’t want to risk missing a potential bad guy.

American citizens need to grateful to the many guys like Smitty, because their motto is “not on my watch tonight.”

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The world according to Garp

New York- At a recent speaking engagement in New York, Robin Williams decided he knew how to solve the world’s numerous problems. Keep in mind that he is a comedian, but the plan hits the nail on the head. Enjoy and have a good giggle.

“I see a lot of people yelling for peace, but I have not heard of a plan for peace. So, here’s one plan.”

1. The U.S. will apologize to the world for our ‘interference’ in their affairs, past and present. You know, Hilter, Mussolini, Stalin Tojo, Noriega, Milosevic, Hussein and the rest of the ‘good ole boys,’ we will never interfere again.
2. We will withdraw our troops from all over the world, starting with Germany, South Korea, the Middle East and the Philippines. They don’t want us there. We would station troops at our borders. No one allowed sneaking through holes in the fence.
3. All illegal aliens have 90 days to get their affairs together and leave. We’ll give them a free trip home. After 90 days the remainder will be gathered up and deported immediately, regardless of whom or where they are. They’re illegal! France will welcome them.
4. All future visitors will be thoroughly checked and limited to 90 days unless given a special permit! No one from a terrorist nation will be allowed in. If you don’t like it there, change it yourself and don’t hide here. Asylum would never be available to anyone. We don’t need any more cab drivers or 7-11 cashiers…
5. No foreign students over the age of 21. The older ones are the bombers. If they don’t attend classes, they get a ‘D’ and it’s back home baby.
6. The US.. will make a strong effort to become self-sufficient energy wise. This will include developing nonpolluting sources of energy, but will require a temporary drilling in the Alaskan wilderness. The caribou will have to cope for a while.
7. Offer Saudi Arabia and other oil producing countries $10 a barrel for their oil. If they don’t like it, we go someplace else. They can go somewhere else to sell their production. (About a week of the wells filling up the storage sites would be enough.”
8. If there is a famine or other natural catastrophe in the world, we will not ‘interfere.’ They can pray to Allah or whomever for seeds, rain, cement or whatever they need. Besides most of what we give them is stolen or given to the army. The people who need it most get very little, if anything.
9. Ship the UN Headquarters to an isolated island someplace. We don’t need the spies and fair weather friends here. Besides, the building would make a good homeless shelter or lockup for illegal aliens.
10. All Americans must go to charm and beauty school. That way no one can call us ‘Ugly Americans” any longer. The language we speak is ENGLISH; learn it or leave!

The Statue of Liberty is no longer saying ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.’ She’s got a baseball bat and she’s yelling, “You want a piece of me?”

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Federal government employees soak the taxpayer on a spa retreat for $700,000

Phoenix -Security Administration federal employees dance the taxpayers’ money away to the tune of $700,000.

The 700 Federal government employees were flown in from all over the country to stay at the 4-star Waldorf Astoria Spa Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. The “stress relief” getaway was meant to sooth government employees psyches and was also attended by the Commissioner of the Social Security.

Many taxpayers feel the Social Security employees could have had these meetings at their offices and teleconferenced.

At a time of severe recession, when families are losing their homes and jobs, is this the change we can believe in?

The Social Security Administration claims they chose the cheapest contract. I doubt you’ll find a taxpayer who thinks a bankrupt federal agency should be taking $700,000 vacations on their dime.

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Pelosi claims health care will pay for itself, defies CBO

Washington D.C. - Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi-D Calif. claims the new health care bill drafted in the House won’t require any money because the reform savings will pay the tab.

This comes as news from the Congressional Budget Office. Today the CBO Director, Douglas Elmendorf says the House and the Senate health care bills as written do not contain “the sort of fundamental changes that would be necessary to reduce the trajectory of federal health spending by a significant amount.”

The CBO says the health care being offered up will do the exact opposite. “This legislation significantly expands the federal responsibility for health-care costs.”

Democratic chairman of the Senate Budget Committee Kent Conrad D-N.D. put the question bluntly; “Will these health care bills begin to bend the long-term cost curve?”

“No,” Elmendorf said.

Raising the question, can we afford this new health care?

Former presidential candidate John McCain R-AZ said this bill is “like fish in the sun, it stinks.” It will add between $1 and $2 trillion to the deficit, which now sits at $1.1 trillion, he said.

Also, as the legislation is being thoroughly read, pork is being discovered. Senator Ted Kennedy D-MA has added $80 billion to build or revamp playgrounds and build bike/walking trails, McCain said.

Health care we can believe in?

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California Senator, Boxer, slammed for racial slur by black leader

Senator Barbara Boxer

California Senator Barbara Boxer-D was slammed by the President and CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce in a hearing regarding environmental projects. Harry C. Alford called Boxer “condescending” and “God awful” for remarks about patronizing the African-American community.

Boxer was in the news most recently when she demanded a General in the U.S. Military stop calling her ma’am and call her Senator because she worked hard for this title. I’m sure it was easy to become General, but that’s a different point.

Within a 30 second span Alford addressed Boxer as Madam and there was no comment directed to him to “call her Senator.”

Boxer then continued to dig herself deeper and deeper by quoting another black organization, 100 black men of Atlanta.

“Madam chair, that is condescending to me,” Alford says. “I’m the National Black Chamber of Commerce, and you’re trying to put up some other black group to pit against me.”

Alford went on to explain that he has been working on energy policy since 1996, a college graduate and a veteran of the United States Army, and condemned Boxer for bringing up policies that had nothing to do with energy or the NAACP.

“I think this is God awful,” he finished.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Health care gets a shot in the arm by Obama

President Obama’s health care dreams received a double shot yesterday; both the Senate and the House put health care legislation on their respective floors.

Trying to beat the summer recess in August, Obama encouraged legislators that the time is now to overhaul the country’s health care industry; a program which covets one sixth of the U.S. economy.

The President admitted to reporters in the Rose Garden that if health care was not passed soon it would “fall apart.” According to insiders, the rush to get this through the House before the break is to keep legislators away from voters who are already turning on the bill.

According to the latest Rasmussen poll, 49 percent of Americans oppose health care and 46 percent favor it. Just two weeks ago the numbers were flipped as 50 percent were in favor and 45 percent opposed health care.

This is tracking well with tax advocacy groups who say that the longer this is out there the more it begins to stink.

“We find new things everyday,” says Leslie Eastman of So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition. “The bill will give money to ACORN, to pursue neighborhood surveys such as asking your weight or reporting your bad habits to the Centers for Disease Control for further analysis. Leaving the CDC to decide what your treatment options will be.”

The President said that, nurses and the American people were on board and seeking new ways to deliver health care. However, it appears the American people do not favor the sweeping change the White House is proposing. Conveniently left off the list were doctors and businesses, both groups oppose health care that includes a public option.

The House’s version of the bill differed from the Senate. Most notable differences included how to pay for it. The House prefers to slap families who earn more than $250,000 per year with anywhere from 1 to 5.4 percent surtax to pay for the plan.

The Senate balked at increasing taxes and left that out of the bill altogether, deferring it to the Senate Finance Committee.

Adam Smith, known as the father of modern economics, points out that “a government that raises taxes in a recession is making the same mistake as a shop keeper raising prices during a sales slump.”

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer concurs, “To raise taxes in a recession is crazy.”

Senator Jim DeMint R-SC stated that “John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, cut taxes to get the country out of a recession.” He went on to explain that increasing taxes has never worked in U.S. history.

Here in lies the problem. Legislators in both houses passed markers and not real bills today and it’s important to note that every vote so far on health care is partisan- not one GOP member voted in favor of these proposed health care bills.

The tax increases the Democrats are proposing would push at least four states well past the 50 percent mark, in fact in Oregon, New York, California and Rhode Island top-earners would pay close to 60 percent of their income in tax!


Back to reality, the government can only soak the rich so much and continue to collect taxes before they move their money off shore.

Also, neither the House, nor the Senate addressed the real problem with health care and that is reform and fraud. This is where the Congressional Budget Office thinks the country has the best chance for cost savings.

Taxpayer advocacy groups would just like the legislators to slow down and read the bill. Let Freedom Ring’s Responsible Health Care Reform Pledge ensures that House and Senate members read the entire bill and make sure it is posted on the internet for at least 72 hours before they vote.

Many Congressmen and Senators, 37, have already signed the Let Freedom Ring petition; Eric Cantor R-VA and Duncan Hunter R-CA are among the current signers.

“Health care reform must be a priority but that doesn’t mean we need to unwisely rush this process, only for the sake of getting something done,” Congressman Hunter said. “While I do not support a public-option, it is important that we have sufficient opportunity to thoroughly examine this proposal and consider its potential consequences for taxpayers, businesses and consumers.”

Included in the health care package is a boatload of new inter-governmental agencies, with names like; Office of Minority Health, Office of Civil Rights, Health Advisory, Health Workforce and Health Choice Administration.

Many claim this is government control pure and simple. Republican legislators admit this will ultimately lead to health care rationing.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Black Conservative has “negro card” revoked by fraternity brothers

The following story was an opinion story written by a black college student who thought it was a good idea to let his fellow college students in on the fact that he was a conservative Republican. Boy was he wrong and he says he lost his “negro” card as a result.

Fellow conservative Republican Mason Weaver says “we need more kids like this speaking out. Young conservatives need a place to gather and build a better social network to get their ideas out and begin to solve problems.”

Here is Jerome Hudson’s story:

While attending a black fraternity party, I recently learned it’s a bad idea to profess one’s affinity for Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Worse, according to current polls, it appears I may be the only black 22-year-old in American who will be voting for Senator John McCain.

It’s not that I was unaware that being a black conservative Republican puts me in the ultimate “minority.” After all, Shelby Steele’s classic article “The Loneliness of Black Conservative” has become an article of faith that I’ve all but committed to memory.

But I guess I had made the mistake of buying into all that liberal yammering about being “open minded” and supporting “diversity” that I’d deluded myself into believing that a civil, discussion about the hers-like ideological mentality of so many of my contemporaries suffer from was possible.

Boy was I wrong. Big time!

My official “Negro” card got stripped away. I instantly lost my “blackness.” And now, consequently, I now am greeted with this; “Hey, y’all here comes The Black Republican.”

And that’s when I think to myself, hmmm…so this is how it feels to be “Uncle Tom.”

Still being labeled “The Black Republican” is undoubtedly a promotion from; “Hey, why are you dresses so nice? You got a job interview or something? Or worse, Man, why are you talking like that? You sound white? Who do you think you are? A conservative Kanye West?”

But my path to ideological emancipation began where all the most important things always begin- with my father and mother. Growing up, my Army drill sergeant father was a firm believer in tough love. My parents instilled in us Christian values. But I believe the first part- having an involved mother and father- was critical.

With 70 percent of all black babies being born out-of-wedlock, it’s no wonder black poverty remains entrenched, welfare has become a way of life and that many of my fellow young black male counterparts choose gangsta life over college.

But it wasn’t until college that I realized I had been ensnared in what John McWhorter calls the “Cult of Victomology.” One of my professor’s pointed me toward a world of literature I’d never been introduced to; Thomas Sowell, John McWhorter, Shelby Steele, Star Parker, Angela McGlowan, Larry Elder, Walter Williams – they obliterated the Leftist foolishness that floods my community.

It was then that my eyes were opened to the truth, a truth that my father was willing to give his life for, a truth that hundreds of thousands of American soldiers have paid the ultimate price to pass on to future generations. And that truth is this: American remains the greatest country that God gave to man.

So imagine me, a member of various organizations that largely consist of young black Americans, most of whom are womb to tomb Democrats and liberals, speaking openly about the many opportunities and blessings we enjoy in our great nation and refuting Michelle Obama’s supposition that America is a “downright mean place.”

Can you say… social suicide?

“So Jerome,” the party goers asked, “you’re really a Republican?!”


Of course I’m a Republican! And your great grandparents were too!

Yes, I’m a member of the Anti-Slavery Party, the party responsible for the; 13th (abolished slavery), 14th (gave former slaves full citizenship rights), the 15th Amendment (gave slaves voting rights), the Civil Rights Act of 1871 (protecting southern blacks from the Ku Klux Klan), The Reconstruction Acts, and the 1866, 1875, 1957, 1960 and 1964 Civil Rights Acts.

And no, my brothers and sisters, yesterday’s southern Democrats are NOT today’s Republicans! If so, former Klansman, Sen. Robert Byrd- the highest ranking senate Democrat and President Pro-Tempore of the Senate- apparently didn’t get the memo and forgot to switch parties.

But it’s more than just the history. I’m proud to stand for self-empowerment, personal responsibility, strong family values, small government, lower taxes, free markets, a strong military and individual achievement etc.

And don’t even get me started on which side stands up for the precious 1.4 million unborn children (32 percent of whom are black), who will be casualties in the war inside the womb. When I see these so-called “black leaders” bashing conservatives for “racist policies,” I wonder how they justify cheering on the political team who proudly defends the annihilation of 13 million black children since 1973.

And conservatives don’t care about black people? I don’t think so!

No, I think I’ll ride with the team who says enough with the welfare cancer that has destroyed people’s innate desire to achieve. Yes, I’ll ride with the folks who respect me enough to consider me their equal and not insult me with Affirmative Action racism. Yeah, I’ll ride with the gang who would rather create effective policies than emotional “feel good” symbolism that robs individuals of their desire to aspire.

So while it may take a little getting used to walking into college parties where I’m know as “The Black Republican.” I now realize I am a newly inducted member of a rich tradition of ideologically emancipated black conservatives. And guess what? I’m more than cool with that. I’m proud, actually.

“The conservative Kanye West?”


Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Jerome Hudson is a sophomore at Tallahassee Community College with plans to transfer to Florida A&A University in the fall. Since publishing his story, Hudson has been invited to Young America Foundation annual College Conservative Conference and he will be a guest at the Leon County Republican Party (executive board meeting/dinner). He just hopes “to always remain humble no matter what the situation is. In this specific case, I’m trying to keep my faith in GOD and remembering that this is His will for me.”

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Minority broadcasters ask the FCC for a bailout

Washington D.C. - In a letter to the Federal Communications Commission and Fed Chief Timothy Geithner, the minority broadcasters group asked the government for a bailout.

The letter was written by Congressmen James Clyburn-D-SC, Charlie Rangel-D-NY and Barney Frank-D-MA requesting funds for the struggling industry.

Clyburn is a ranking congressman and civil rights leader often credited for getting President Barrack Obama into the White House.

However, the letter comes at a time when Clyburn’s daughter, Mignon Clyburn, is being nominated to be a member of the FCC that regulates these very broadcasters asking for a bailout. This letter and the nomination certainly make strange bedfellows.

It is not clear if the minority broadcasters will get the bailout, but they could find it easier to receive funds for alternative programming, according to Fox News.

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Right-wing extremists beware- no military for you

The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010 includes some language that could prevent right-wing extremists from entering the military and serving their country.

The meat of the bill is to authorize appropriations for 2010 military activities of the Department of Defense.

While, much of the bill refers to construction, prescribing military personnel strengths, special pay and allowances to certain members of the Armed Forces, including benefits for disabled military retirees.

The brouhaha over HR 2647 is the language stemming from the first Department of Homeland Security report on right-wing extremists.

The DHS list included border patrol groups who don’t believe in open borders or religious groups that don’t believe in abortion as well as other perceived-anti government organizations.

The vague language contained in the bill gives authority to the Attorney General to determine what groups are seen as ‘extremist,’ however, tea party groups and border patrol groups feel this is directly targeted at them.

“Think of anything you or someone you know may have said in an email or online that may be construed to support, encourage or affirm a government idea that you could have agreed with an extremist’s views and goals, they or their children could be prohibited from joining the military,” said one Patriot group who wished to remain anonymous.

They also insisted that if you believe in the Constitution of the United States and stand up for it you may not be able to serve in the military, however if you belong to any far-left group, you’ll be fine.

All patriot groups encourage voters to check out this bill as it heads to the Senate for the final vote and contact their Senators with questions and concerns.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Health Care Obama-style

San Diego- Now that cap-and-trade has been shelved; the Obama administration still can’t let the crisis go to waste, so here's Obamacare.

While the trillion (yes trillion) dollar price tag doesn’t seem to worry the White House, Americans took to the streets this weekend to make their voices heard. The monstrosity legislation has cleverly added a new kinder, gentler word, revenue or in layman’s terms-TAX increase.

Democratic leaders are considering a slew of new progressive taxes. Included in the recent proposals would be a soda, beer, employee payroll, flat-tax on insurance, VAT (value added tax on everything) and employer mandate taxes, according to the Heritage Foundation.

These proposed taxes would most certainly hit those making less than $250,000 per year, a promise Obama made to the American people and has already broken by raising taxes on tobacco products.

And let’s not forget the wealthy; those who make over the $250,000 per year would get an extra special tax around 3 percent to make up the costs and provide “free” health care to all. If you ask the upper-echelon taxpayers how they feel about free care, they might say something about the free part.

Last week the Congressional Budget Office (CBO the non-partisan gold standard) Director Douglas Elmendorf told the Senate, nothing in their current health care plan reduces health care costs.

Furthermore, Elmendorf explained, the Democrat’s health care plan only “puts an additional long-term burden on top of an already unsustainable path.” He went on to suggest Medicare reform would be a better route for the White House to tackle.

Obama said in Italy last week that he didn’t want a timeline or anything, “but I really want to get it done by the August recess.” The reason is the longer the plan is out there, more pork hidden in the bill is destined to get out to the public.

One such money-grabber was pointed out by Dawn Wildman, of So-Cal Tax Revolt Coalition, she found at least $16 billion in pork spending.

“The fact that they claim Americans will be able to keep their private insurance when the bill clearly makes it illegal to buy or sell private insurance. ‘It is unlawful for a private health insurer to sell health insurance coverage that duplicates the benefits provided under the Act’ (title I sec. 104a, of HR 676),” Wildman said.

She continues to voice her concerns about who will be offered health care. “They say all residents, not citizens, will be offered care. It's a kind of medical tourism.”

Wildman also explains the government will set up migrant health centers and she wants to know what exactly that looks like.

The bill even includes a ghastly “duty to die” that would hit senior citizens who have worked their whole life and paid all their taxes. Obama even danced around this topic at townhall meeting. “We need to think about costly testing and surgery for older patients.”

Taxes, taxes and more taxes, “The bill states they will increase taxes on the top-5 percent of income earners, modest progressive excise tax on payroll and self-employed as well as a tax on stock bond transactions,” Wildman said.

The National Coalition on Benefits which represents major business groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AT&T told House leaders this plan would hurt their businesses. “The proposal in its current form needs serious revision,” the letter stated.

Another group put out an open invitation to all lawmakers. The Let Freedom Ring organization called on every Congressperson and Senator to pledge to the voters that they won’t sign a health care bill unless they (not staffers or lobbyist) have read the entire 1,300-plus bill and have posted it on the internet for 72 hours.

House Minority Whip, Eric Cantor-R-VA said where do I sign?

At the So-Cal Tax Revolt Coalition’s Tea Party this weekend Wildman and her coalition partner Leslie Eastman were able to raise awareness about the mammoth health care bill.

“We did this old school. The main reason was to get everyone up to speed on the latest legislation,” Wildman said. “We can’t rely on politicians across the board, most aren’t honest.”

San Diego resident Bob Morey agreed with Wildman. “We need to show up and have our voice heard, otherwise there will be no opposition and the bills will just roll through.”

The group also claimed their first victory against Washington D.C.’s political machine. “Our constant phone calling, emailing and faxing paid off when the Senate chose to shelf the cap-and-trade bill,” Eastman said.

Wildman said, now it was up to them to get the blue-dog democrats to slow down and read the 1,300-page health care bill, something other organizations are trying to do as well.

The coalition hopes to get more stories out there to Americans and politicians like Claudia Busath’s. She spent four years in Canada in the 1990s.

“What the politicians don’t tell you is Canada nearly went bankrupt providing national health care. They had to make deep cuts across the board to pay for an unsustainable health care system,” she said.

That meant health-care rationing. “I’m in a wheel chair and am fighting cancer, if I stayed in Canada I’d be dead,” Busath explained. “They put doctors, nurses and specialists on strict salaries and as a result they left Canada and went to countries so they could earn a living – like America.”

During Busath’s time in Canada, she paid 55 percent in taxes to the government; she was middleclass and that was gross income that was levied.

Next on deck was Eastman herself. “I’m a registered Democrat, most people think I’m with the other party. I’m mad at politicians who don’t represent me.”

Responding to the 10 counter-protestors across the street, Eastman said “we must be doing something right.” She also told the crowd those fake protestors are paid by George Soros of

Last on the podium was Mason Weaver, motivational speaker and radio host. “Want to see a black man speak without a teleprompter? When you speak the truth, it’s not hard,” the crowd erupted with laughter.

Weaver spoke to the crowd, very clearly telling them that Washington was trying to divide America. “Where are ‘we the people’ of the constitution, Obama is treating you like you are 4-years-old.”

“Freedom or Slavery, you have to choose today. It’s time to take back our country,” Weaver fanned the flames by telling the 10 counter protestors across the street “get a job.”

Weaver also explained that the African-American phrase is something we need to get over. “I’m a principled black American.”

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vans Warped Tour provides skateboarding, music and people watching

Pomona- Sprinkled amongst the musicians, punk music fans and Mohawks were a handful of skateboarding athletes. The kids were a part of the all-day Vans Warped Tour concert event held in Pomona, CA on June 26th.

Headlining bands included old-school punkers Bad Religion, NOFX, Thrice and Less Than Jake.

Littered across the infield of the race track were a number of stages that played many up-and-coming bands, booths selling various concert wares and plenty of junk-food stands.

The crowd was treated to both girls and boys skating on a metal mini-ramp that travels across the country to all the Vans tour events.

The skaters pulled airs, Ollies, kick flips during the 30 minute jam sessions. Up first were the girls. The All Girl Skate Jam skaters included 6-year-old Annika Vrklan who skated with a helmet complete with pink-bunny ears.

When asked about the skate jam she replied, “It’s loud, but really cool.”

All Girl Skate Jam is an organization dedicated to promoting girl skaters. The founder, Patty Segovia, started the company in 1990 and is a soul skater girl. “Our motto is all ages, all abilities and all girls.”

The boys revved up the heat factor and showed the concert fans that skating is all about self-expression, creativity and freedom of the flow. They carved-up the ramp with grinds, front-side airs, board grabs, 5os, front-side 360s, 50/50s, Indies and bonelesses

With punk-rock bands playing as a backdrop, nine-year-old Koby said, “Dropping in front of hundreds of rowdy people was so sick. Skating with my friends and watching the bands was a lot of fun.”

When he came off the ramp he said, “I think the lead singer of that band is drunk and I think he was drunk when he wrote the song. He sure cusses a lot.”

However, garnering attention was not a problem. Koby was definitely comfortable skating in front of the crowd, and the girls were especially loud as they cheered the young skater on.

Many of the skaters will skate at the Vans Warped tour in Chula Vista later in the summer.

Alternative skates equal fun for Freeline

San Diego – If you are looking for a new skateboard without the board – look no further than Freeline Sports Inc. This sideways skate sport was the brain child of Ryan Farrelly.

This new sport has recently taken off as seen at the Van’s Warp Tour. The company now sponsors riders and these riders as well as others get together at competitions around the country and world.

The jest of the Freeline competitions includes trick platforms, downhill, flat land and skate ramps and bowls.

Freeline Company hooked-up with the Vans Warp Tour three years ago. “We wanted inclusion and acceptance from the core community as we like to ride hard,” say company spokesman Mike Kelly.

“Vans has been great to us allowing our top riders to showcase their skills at the California tour dates,” Kelly says. He also said that this exposure shows kids and skate fans that there are other alternatives to traditional skateboarding.

Freeline sees themselves as an innovator. “Like Jack Burton with his snowboards and Sector 9 and long boards, Freeline promotes their sideways skates.”

Freeline would like to provide the “next ride” of the action sports community.

The company has sold more than 40,000 units through internet, retail stores and international distribution. The company has now added to its line and includes two new models with wood-top decks as well as t-shirts/sweatshirts.

“One of the best ways that we market our sideway skates is by utilizing riders. It’s not just a product, but the people that ride them,” Kelly said. “The lifestyle brand comes from the people.”

The average consumer is 12-21 years-old, both male and female. These riders are often accomplished at skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, kite boarding, rollerblading and wave boardering.

Kelly points out that there are three levels of riders for these new sideway skates. “The Bad-ass ripper, a young teen that is first on the block to push the limits and be the first to shine; Campus-cruiser, this kid is not into it for the tricks, but wants to get from A to B with a backpack; Finally the beginner, someone who has never seen anything like this and likes the sideway movement.”

The Freeline Company motto ‘the next ride’ suits this up-and-coming sport perfectly.

If you are interested in Freeline sideway skates and can’t catch the next Warped Tour event, check them out online.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The election of President Obama seen through an 8th graders eyes

San Diego- As we reflect on the recent elections, one student, Shannon O’Donnell, wanted to have her voice heard. Although her guy didn’t win, she had a say in the election process at her middle school. Here is a sampling of what she thought.


I assume that everyone in America or at least most Americans have been involved with the 2008 Presidential Election. Though it had a big impact on the adults, it also influenced middle schoolers.

As the Presidential election drew near, 7th and 8th graders started to discuss their beliefs about who was the better choice. Though most people leaned to Barack Obama, many felt strongly that Senator McCain was the right man for the job.
My school, (Diegueno, in the San Diego Union High School District) set up a mock election for all of the schools in the district to participate. All the History teachers set out to discuss with their classes both candidates in the election as well as the propositions.
All my classmates had different views and reasons for their views. It didn’t take long for everyone to be really excited about U.S. History. Though there was chaos in almost every class room, fighting through words to get their point across to other people, a few students seemed concerned about what some of certain candidates beliefs were and what one proposition really meant
The only problem with that was that the people who weren't agog on these subjects were teetering on either side because of so many differing facts. But eventually, everyone found what they believed in time for the big vote.

As the day after Election Day inched closer, everyone grew anxious and agitated. When the day after the election finally came, their new President was Barack Obama, some kids at Diegueno were sad that their promising patron had lost. Later that day, it was announced that President Obama had won the SDUHSD Mock Presidential Election as well.
You could tell that teachers were practically walking on air because Obama had won, though they would never admit to their excitement and joviality. When the teachers talked about him, it was like they were talking about their Lord and Love. McCain supporters were absolutely nauseated.
As people move on into different aspects of their lives, they will most likely remember this election forever. It was the first serious election that they had to think about, where they had to learn the facts and not just say, "I want Obama because my Mommy thinks he's the best!" The students got to state their own opinions and they were able to learn what their true beliefs on these subjects were. I’m glad I was able to participate.
Shannon will be moving on to eighth grade next month and aspires to study journalism once she heads to college.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Obama, Gingrich talk cap-and-trade

While President Obama is in Europe making his sales pitch to the G-8 leaders on cap-and-trade, politicians at home are out in full force trying to cement the largest tax increase in American history.

Confronting the globe’s environmental health problems is going to be a tough sell, when unemployment approaches double digits nationally and America’s inner-gears are in need of a tune-up.

To make matters worse the president needs China and India on board to make any impact on the reduction of CO2 and temperatures. Neither country signed up for any short-term changes, in fact China’s President Hu Jintao left the meetings that Obama had chaired. Ending any hopes of meaningful environmental resolutions.

China made it especially clear at the G8 meeting that they view carbon tariffs in the Waxman-Markey bill as a violation of World Trade Organization rules

The Senate was due to take up the cap-and-trade bill next week, however, due to constituent push back and the tremendous tax increased to be levied on all Americans, the Democrats have put off the vote.

The longer this bill sits out in the open, the more vulnerable it becomes. This is great news for the Republican minority. It gives them a chance to regroup and slow-down the super-majority Democrats.

This is exactly in tune with how local tax advocacy group So-Cal Tax Revolt Coalition feels. “The government wants to audit every aspect of your home life. The bill states every home owner will receive an energy audit,” Leslie Eastman points out.

“It is likely to be conducted by government inspectors who will examine and provide detailed reports on the ways American citizens live directly to RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network).

Eastman contends that many San Diego residents are having a hard time selling their homes; however, cap-and-trade may make that process impossible.

That being said, Newt Gingrich of American Solutions hosted an open line townhall from Washington D.C. to get some facts straight on the cap-and-trade legislation. “My position is real clear, I don’t believe in any energy tax.”

He cites that not only will jobs be driven to China, but it will rob the American people of prosperity and national security. “Americans can be productive with energy; we don’t need to bow down to the dictators in Saudi Arabia or Venezuela.”

Of course, you can’t listen in on Gingrich without “Drill Here, Drill Now.” This townhall was no different. Gingrich however did bring up some interesting points on that topic. He stated that there is more of a chance of an oil spill with oil tankers transporting oil to this country than leaks from oil platforms.

For proof he points to last years’ tremendous hurricane season in the Gulf and there were virtually no breaches in the oil rigs. “Technology is such, that we can safely drill down or slant drill in shale. The bottom line is Americans need to be proactive in producing energy.”

Many of the questions centered on the money that could be generated with proactively searching and capturing American energy resources. Many also felt the country could pull itself out of this economic calamity, by harnessing our resources.

This is great news for California who is an energy rich and out of money. Wait a minute, California sits under the toughest environmental regulations and there will be no energy harnessing to solve the $26 billion budget deficit problem.

Speaking of the Golden State, President Obama made some interesting comments regarding the strength of California’s economy and the state’s success saving energy and creating jobs.

“In the late 1970s, the state of California enacted tougher energy-efficiency policies. Over the next three decades, those policies helped create almost 1.5 million jobs. And today, Californians consume 40 percent less energy per person than the national average- which over time has prevented the need to build at least 24 new power plants. Think about that. California producing jobs, their economy keeping pace with the rest of the country and yet they’ve been able to maintain their energy usage in a much lower level than the rest of the country,” Obama eloquently said.

That statement couldn’t be further from the truth. California is not Disneyland. The state is issuing IOUs, unemployment is higher than the national average, nearly 12 percent, the state imports nearly 50 percent of their crude from foreign nations (even though they enough off the California coast line), and energy costs have risen more than 34 percent since 1990, according to the Energy Information Agency.

Hardly prosperous and hardly something the nation should aspire to.

One last point, Environmental Protection Agency spokesperson, Lisa Jackson said at a cap-and-trade legislation meeting last year that the carbon reductions would be nil. “I believe that essential parts of the chart are that the U.S. action alone will not impact CO2 levels.”

Again, Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu said he did not agree with the chart either and concurred without international cooperation nothing would change.

Begging the question, cap and Tax?

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Congressman Hunter seeks to redirect funds for an escalation in drug-relation violence

San Diego –Congressman Duncan Hunter-R-Calif. wrote President Obama a letter requesting the administration redirect funds to the Full Time National Guard Duty Counterdrug (FTNGDCD) Program. The congressman asked the President to simply redirect funds from money that is already available through the Merida Initiative.

The letter to the President explained there has been more than $1 billion in federal funding in the past two years given to Mexico and other Central American countries. This money was used to fight drug trafficking and organized crime-related issues. The funds included $420 million in the recently enacted FY2009 war supplemental bill as well.

While the Hunter believes it is money well-spent, due to increased violence on the Mexico-America borders it should be our first priority to fully-fund domestic agencies.

This particular agency has been responsible for nabbing $28 billion in drugs and $226 million in cash in the fiscal year 2008 alone.

The letter states; “Despite the success of FTNGDCD, the force size has steadily decreased. Nationwide, the number of National Guard support personnel for Counterdrug operations is projected to decline from approximately 3,200 to 1,850 in FY2010. In California… this force size has decreased from 525 to less than 200 personnel.”

The administration has recently provided Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents with full “Title 21 Authority” and Congressman Hunter believes this is an important step. However, fully-funding successful programs need to be kept in mind as well.

Title 21 authority is a section of the U.S. code that provides the Justice Department with the legal authority to investigate certain crimes, in particular drug-related crimes.

The White House declined to comment on Hunter’s redirection of funds request.


Dubbed Operation Xcellerator, the U.S. Drug Enforcement netted $59 million from the Sinaloa drug cartel, according to new Attorney General, Eric Holder.

“International drug trafficking organizations pose a sustained, serious threat to the safety and security to our communities,” he said. The operation dealt a “crushing blow” to the Sinaloa cartel.

Among the confiscated drugs were – 12,000 kilos of cocaine, 1,200 pounds of methamphetamine and 1.3 million ecstasy pills. Quite a catch for the good guys.

9,900 and counting is the number of drug-war-related deaths in Mexico alone since January of 2007, according to the University of San Diego Trans Border Institute.

Mexico and U.S. border towns are under siege, the open-air gun fights continue and last week a Mexican congressional candidate narrowly escaped an assassination attempt on his life.

In the last year, there were more than 12 mayors and City Hall employees that have been murdered, the Los Angeles Times reported.

According to White House Press spokesperson, Robert Gibbs, the administration has black-listed three Mexico drug cartels – Sinaloa cartel, Los Zetas and La Familia Michoacana.

One particular part of San Diego known as “Smugglers Gulch” sits at the western most edge of the city. It is also the area where the border fence was just completed, despite environmental protests.

Despite a finished fence, a week ago Border Patrol and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement uncovered a 53-foot tunnel just east of Smugglers Gulch, according to ICE spokesperson Lauren Mack.

The tunnel started in Mexico through a manhole, Mack said. The entrance into the U.S. was at a South Bay International Wastewater Treatment plant.

According to officials, the tunnel was outfitted with battery-powered lights and could be used to smuggle humans and illicit drugs into the U.S.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

California governor's race gains another female candidate

California governor’s race gains another female candidate

San Diego- Chelene Nightingale will run for California’s top post in 2010 on the American Independent Party ticket. A self-professed patriot, Nightingale announced her intent to run on July 4th in San Diego at Camp Vigilance.

“I’m a people’s candidate, by and for the people of California,” Nightingale says enthusiastically.

Nightingale has a long tough road ahead of her. Not only is she running on the Independent ticket, but she refuses to take any union, or special interest money to support her campaign run all the way to the Sacramento State Capital.

The three main issues Nightingale hopes to confront are; illegal immigration, education reform and restoring California’s once prominent economy. She goes on to say that California’s second most profitable business is government. “That has to change,” she says.

“California has the highest poverty rate in the U.S. as well as the highest tax rate,” Nightingale claims. “The education system was once ranked top in the country, but now it hovers near the bottom.”

“We have to fight for our grass roots and get the state back into the hands of the people,” she believes.

Nightingale admits to changing party affiliation in the past. “I started out as a Democrat moved to the GOP and was tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Now I’m an Independent.”

Just as Sarah Palin said she was no longer useful as Alaska governor, Nightingale feels many California politicians have lost their usefulness. It is time for many of them to step aside and let patriots step into leadership roles.

Nightingale established herself in the political scene with the Save Our State organization. During her tenure at SOS, Nightingale organized community events and lobbying efforts in Sacramento and Washington D.C.

Nightingale hopes that other frustrated Californians will join her on this journey to take back the “Golden State.”

Advocating for tougher border control, Nightingale says she would strengthen the southern California border by adding armed-National Guard members.

If you are looking for a politically-correct candidate, Nightingale says “I’m not your girl. I want our borders protected by agents and guard members who are ‘locked and loaded’ because there are also terrorists crossing our borders and we need to stop them.”

Citing up-start, former presidential candidate Ron Paul, Nightingale believes “it (an Independent in Sacramento) can happen.”

Nightingale hopes to draw on her strengths as a mom and her independent spirit to fight the tough battle ahead. Why would a mom and political activist want to run in the nasty world of politics?

“I just lost my mom a few weeks ago, and it was my mom who encouraged me to accept the American Independent Party offer to run for governor. She told me, ‘Do it, for your self, but also do it for your son.’”

“I hope my courage will help other women to follow in these foot steps.”

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Border agent Nacho Ramos shares his story on July 4th

San Diego- Old Glory waving in the wind at Camp Vigilance was the backdrop for Ignacio “Nacho” Ramos Jr.’s first interview since his sentence was commuted by former President Bush.

“It’s a great feeling despite everything that has happened,” Romos said. “I still love my country and everything it represents.”

The July 4th celebration in Boulevard, CA 60 miles east of San Diego, certainly gave the Ramos family a heroes welcome. And like any true patriot, Ramos posed for pictures shook a lot of hands and hugged his admirers.

“This support has taken me by surprise. My wife tried to explain what it was like to be out there with the well wishers, but until today I didn’t really know.”

This real-world drama began in 2005 where the two border patrol agents Romos and Jose Compean were serving the nation in the southern war-zone border. Each year approximately 70-80 percent of the illicit drugs enter the U.S. through the dangerous southern border which has seen violence accelerate over the past few years.

This drama turned into a horror story of injustices for the border patrol agents. Their convictions for wounding a known-Mexican drug dealer trying to peddle hundreds of pounds of marijuana, led a nation straight to the White House; President Bush commuted their sentences as the he left office this year.

Why the Texas D.A.s office would prosecute the border patrol agents for doing their job is anyone’s guess, however, Romos refuses to let a few bad apples change his love for this country.

“There was always more to the case than what was being told,” Ramos said. “It wasn’t my country that prosecuted me; my fellow countrymen were on my side throughout the trial.”

Ramos spoke quietly about his dark days behind bars and fervently about the many supporters especially his wife who got him through those dark days.

For two long years Ramos sat in jail with the truth on his side. “I received letters from all 50 states and other countries around the world. That along with my family is what kept me going.”

In the end, President Bush did commute both Ramos and Compeon’s sentences even if it did come at the eleventh hour. When ask why it took so long for the president to see the error of the court’s ways, Ramos sighs.

After a long pause he said, “I guess he (President Bush) was put in a difficult position. I don’t know if it was politics, friendship or all combined, I thank him for making the right choice in the end. I thank him I really do; he let me come home to my family and he didn’t have to.”

Even though Ramos was behind bars for two years, causing undue stress on his family, he feels the former president pulled through for his family.

Moving forward Ramos looks to clearing his name. He and his family have decided to request a new trial and reverse the conviction. However, a new trial comes with more risks. There is always the chance that the government will try to file additional charges against Ramos.

The mere thought of more prison time would be enough to deter the average person, but not the Ramos family. His wife, Monica says, “Things could be difficult again, but our main goal is to vacate the charges. We are optimistic that the new developments we have will end up in our favor.”

This type of courage is typical for the Ramos family who remains grateful and always wants to seek the truth. This doesn’t mean Ramos and his family aren’t worried.

His father-in-law Joe Loya has been by his daughter’s family throughout. “I am a proud American. I trace my Texas roots back to the 1850s. He was born here in the 1850’s.” Loya is no stranger to law enforcement; his brother served 33 years in the service and retired a Colonel.

“Let me tell you something, 50 years ago the illegals who came across the border were hard workers. Today they are criminals. My family was nearly ruined by these illegals,” Loya angrily said. “I’m a patriot and don’t like to be referred to as having Mexican roots, I’m a law abiding Hispanic-American. This is my country, love it or leave it.”

The Ramos family is hoping that this time the law will be on their side.

The government prosecutors have changed the original charges several times. “They superseded the indictments three times and kept adding charges in order to break us and force us into a plea agreement. It makes me wonder what they might try to add now,” Ramos said.

The Texas indictments came from promiscuous prosecutors who over-zealously interpreted the law into the criminal-illegal alien’s favor, according to the Ramos family.

Ramos points out that the government has unlimited resources on their side, however, he says, “We have the truth on our side.”

Before the trial, Ramos and Compeon were offered an 18-month plea deal to keep them silent, but Ramos decided to take his chances in court- a decision that cost him two years of his life behind bars.

Why go back and fight at another trial? “I want my name back and despite all of this I still want to be a border patrol agent,” he explained.

Ramos father-in-law Loya often wonders “when everyone in this country is going to wake up to the fact that America is being over-run by illegal immigration, it’s not right- period.”

In the meantime the U.S. Border Patrol headquarters have send out a memo explaining to all agents that they are not to talk to Ramos and Compeon because they are convicted felons. This hasn’t stopped a few brave agents who have expressed their support.

“They have told me that I would hate it (being an agent) now, the border agents have been hamstrung with new rules,” Ramos said.

The end it will be bittersweet, “I have to be vindicated so I can go back to supporting my family and if I leave this time it will be on my terms.”

Since being released from prison the Ramos family has had to rely on friends and family to get by. Life in El Paso was tough on the family and as a result the Ramos family has moved to the Houston area.

Simply saying thank you isn’t enough for the many people who helped the Ramos family out. This is when Ramos gets emotional “thank you is too simple. I wish I could just give everyone a big hug.”

Ever optimistic, Ramos says he is grateful and looks forward to taking care of his family again.

“All I can do is take one day at a time, with all the ups and downs. We look forward to each new day trying to stay positive. My three boys and wife are my guiding lights,” Ramos concludes.

And, yes, the American flag has new meaning – “freedom at last.”

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Congress Bilbray supports California 'Anchor Baby" reform

San Diego – Congressman Bilbray supports proposed “Anchor Baby” reform initiative put forward by the Taxpayers Revolution group in San Diego.

“It is an urban legend that everybody born here is an automatic citizen,” Bilbray said. “When International diplomats are here in the U.S. and they have children, they are not given citizenship.”

This all has to do with the 14th Amendment and subject jurisdiction.

The congressman points out there are two things that go hand in hand with being a U.S. citizen; “Can you be drafted to serve for your country and can you be tried for treason?”

Bilbray contends that if the parents aren’t loyal to the U.S. the children can’t inherit citizenship. “The Calvin case in 1608 stated ‘it is neither the soil or the climate, but the loyalty and obedience that make a subject loyal.’”

When you start to think about the ‘citizenship requirements’ it makes sense that one must inherit it from their parents. According to Bilbray, “You can’t get a million dollars from your parents if they don’t have it. If your parents have nothing you inherit nothing.”

Once foreigners are sworn it at their U.S. Citizen ceremony, the oath contains this;

“I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty of whom I have been a subject or citizen…That I will support and defend the Constitution…that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law…so help me God.”

There is often a lot of talk about the right to citizenship through the 14th Amendment. This was federalized in the 1860’s for the West African Slaves. Bilbray states the slaves could be forced into the military and could be tried for treason, therefore their children were eligible to become citizens.

It was President Truman who gave up a plan and led to a new found deal for the illegal immigrants, says Bilbray.

In many California “Anchor Baby” cases, the parents apply for benefits (welfare) and receive them for 18 years on behalf of the child.

“This extreme abuse is why we need to get back to the Founding Fathers meaning of immigration,” Bilbray explains. “Why are we providing services for Tijuana and not La Paz?”

The 2010 ballet initiative is a great opportunity for Californians to take back their state and reform immigration.

Bilbray also points out that this Anchor Baby portion is a basic rule. “Congressman Deal of Georgia added a birthright component to Georgia’s immigration bill. A parent has to be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident or you don’t get “Anchor Baby” citizenship.”

“If you are not willing to fight for this country than why do you want to be an American?”

For more information on the California Protection Act of 2010 go to

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Cap-and-trade madness heads to Senate

San Diego- First Washington spent a trillion dollars on stimulus without a thorough-reading by Senators or Congressmen; up next cap-and-trade legislation, the largest tax increase in American history.

“There was no reading allowed,” Congressman Brian Bilbray-R-Calif angrily said. “In January there was a mandatory 48-hour read-through process, that didn’t last a month.”

Newly minted President Obama promised a new era of transparency for the American people tired of Washington as usual, what they got according to Bilbray “is the most clandestine government since I’ve been there.”

The topic du jour was referred as tax-and-trade by the Congressman and the legislation is being jammed through by Henry Waxman who has never even run a business or city. “This bill is based on pure politics,” Bilbray said.

“I don’t know how anyone can look at their grandkids and say I was a part of the absurd subsidization of ethanol bio fuel?”

Many outside Washington believe there are better ways to move forward with the environment. For instance, at San Diego’s Scripps Research Institute, they have come up with algae bio fuel.

The researchers at Scripps predict within 10 years they will be able to produce algae bio-fuel for under $2 per gallon. That’s great. They should be able to take some carbon credits with the new cap-and-trade bill right?


Because this company isn’t on a Waxman/Markey special list, the Scripps Institute will be left in the salt water and reap no incentives to save the planet.

The of course there is Aptera Motors of Vista, California. Their new electric hybrid will get more than 100mpg. Certainly they will receive some carbon credits for their obvious environmentally-friendly vehicle?

Wrong, again. They too are not on the list according to Bilbray. If you see a pattern forming here, you would be right. Washington hasn’t changed at all and cap-and-trade has nothing to do with the environment.

“The greatest threat to the environment is the smoke coming from the backroom deals Waxman/Markey are making,” Bilbray contends.

Bilbray knows a thing or two about the environment. He served on the California Air Resources board for six years. “I know how to get EPA approval- this bill wouldn’t fly for 10 seconds.”

In another effort to create a revenue stream through indulgence, cap-and-trade seeks to create clean-coal. Bilbray says that process isn’t even a guarantee and is at least 20 years down the road. “Why are we funding this now?”

“This bill simply states that if you sin, you can buy indulgence through the church of Waxman/Markey and continue to pollute,” Bilbray says.

This brings us to the crux of the bill- the derivative market or buying and selling of carbon credits. Bilbray says this is a story of horrors in waiting.

“This is the biggest scam that has no auditing provisions in place,” according to Bilbray. “The American people are expected to trust the environmental Jimmy Swaggart’s; they are pocketing money in the name of the environment.”

It took the government giving away 85 percent of the tax revenue the first decade to drag this clunker of a bill across the finish line, according to Chris Horner, author of Red Hot Lies. It is estimated that the legislation will create $300 billion in revenue per year.

On top of that revenue or taxation, the government can lower the cap at any time to generate more money, says Horner.

The result of these over-reaching government policies and regulation is a slow domino effect on the economy-starting with the fragile real-estate market. The current bill has language in place to force homeowners to replace everything that is not environmentally friendly, like windows, water heaters, shower Nazi’s and the list goes on.

Ethanol bio fuel has a long and storied past. However, when researchers from Duke University took it to task they said it was better for the planet to-not-plant the crops and suspend production of the $6 per gallon loser.

Bilbray contends that Waxman is asking the American people to take a big leap of faith with cap-and-trade. “If we are wrong, not only does it hurt the economy, but it hurts the environment for the next 150 years,” Bilbray said.

Then why are the majority of Democrats and eight Republicans for this? Why is everyone simply following Waxman?

Bilbray says it’s the classic Emperor in clothes routine. “No one within the Democratic Party wants to stand up and say Waxman is naked!”

The one person who could stand up and end this nonsense is Obama’s new Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu. He is a Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 1997.

Bilbray reports that Dr. Chu spoke at the UN Conference of Global Warming and said climate change is a sham and that ethanol production is a sham. Whether the Secretary of Energy has the courage to stand up to the Obama administration remains to be seen, Bilbray stays optimistic that in the end the right thing will be done.

The UN has even chimed in on America’s cap-and-trade bill according to Horner. “A recent report said cap-and-trade will harm the U.S. economy and competitiveness with world markets.”

Not all Democrats signed on to the cap-and-trade legislation in the House, Congressman Dennis Kucinich-D-OH debated on the floor the morning of the vote.

“I oppose H.R. 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. The reason is simple. It won’t address the problem. In fact, it will make the problem worse,” he said.

Those are strong words coming from a ranking member in the 111th Democrat congress.

Why then does Congressman Bilbray continue the fight against cap-and-trade?

“My dad told me something a couple a days before he died, you will get here one day (death bed), and I don’t want you to ever regret that you didn’t try.” Bilbray was in the tenth grade.

Fast forward to today. “Those words were so powerful for me.” Then he goes on to quote from a favorite author Mark Twain; “The things you regret in life are not the things you did wrong, but the things you didn’t try to do.”

Bilbray says, “I’ll always continue to try.”

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